Pitikapp Remote Dashboard




Start the application and let it setup automatically. No account required. No configuration needed.


Light theme, dark theme, red, blue, square, circle... Your preferences, your choice!


Cannot find the data you are looking for? Make your own plugin to display any data you want.

Watch and monitor real time data

GPU, CPU, RAM, framerate... follow your computer information at any time.


Remotely control your computer

Multimedia control, application launch, macro recording, ...


Customize everything

Change the layout and the colors to your preferences.


Develop your own plugin

Want to interact with your favorite application? With basic programming knowledge, you can create your own plugin using the Pitikapp Plugin Library. Visit our GitHub page for more information.



What do I need?

Pitikapp requires a server and a client that you can download below.
The server requires Windows 7 64 bits SP1 or more recent. A resolution of at least 900x600 is required.
The client requires Android 5.0 or iOS 11.0 or more recent. A resolution of at least 1280x800 is recommended for a better experience.

Do I need an account?


How do I connect the client to the server?

If the two devices are on the same local network, the connection will be established automatically. Otherwise, double-tap anywhere on the client to show the menu and press on the button to add a device.

How do I move and resize items on my dashboard?

Press on the item to modify for two seconds. It will switch to edition mode and can then be moved and resized freely.

Can I ask for new features?

Yes please! Send us an email with your suggestions and we'll work on it as soon as possible.

I found a bug. Can you fix it?

Send us an email with instructions on how to reproduce the bug and we will take care of it. To help with troubleshooting, you can download the application logs by following these instructions.

How can I create a custom plugin?

Visit our GitHub page to see how to create your own plugin.

The new version doesn't work for me, can I go back to an old one?

All previous versions can be found here.

Pitikapp is awesome! How can I support you?

Help us gain visibility by following us on Twitter or Facebook and sharing the application with your friends.


My firewall/antivirus is blocking/deleting the server.

Uncheck "Start now" at the end of the installation.
Add an exception to the antivirus settings.
Start the application.

The client is not connecting to the server.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking the server. Try to change the port on both client and server and restart them. Some Android devices can require a reboot.
If the client is still not detecting the server, you can add it manually: from the client, click on and enter the IP address of the server.

How do I change the client settings?

Double tap anywhere on the screen to show the menu, then press the settings icon.

My devices keep disconneting.

This can happen when the local network usage is too high, for example when a BitTorrent client or Dropbox is active and uploading. We are working on improving this.

I can't uninstall the server on Windows 10.

Uninstallation sometimes does not work on Windows 10. You can uninstall manually by running C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Pitikapp Remote Dashboard\uninstall.exe

I moved the window outside of my monitor, how can I recover it?

Shift + Right-click on the taskbar icon and press "Move", then use the keyboard arrows to bring back the window to the desired position.


Pitikapp is currently available on Windows, Android, and iOS. Come back soon for more platforms.

Patch notes



Windows 7 64 bits SP1 or more recent required


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Android 5.0 or more recent required

iconApp Store

iOS 11.0 or more recent required


Windows 7 64 bits SP1 or more recent required